Forest Healing

You carry a forest inside of you. It is a mirror within of the great forests of the world.”

Forest healing/bathing is also called ‘Shinrin yoku’ in Japanese which is the practice of connecting back to the forest, as the origin of inner peace, well-being and holistic health. By virtue of such connection, we partake in certain mindfulness practices that allow us to open up our senses and our being to the universal consciousness. Apart from a spiritual practice, spending time with nature has immense positive health outcomes including those on depression, anxiety, cancer, cardiovascular diseases as well as attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Forests are abundant with deep reservoirs of intuitive knowledge and creating space for it in our lives, is a step or more, towards inner wisdom. Forest walks, taken mostly in silence with a group help us to appreciate the values that nature embodies such as integration, harmony, inter-dependence and co-creation. the sum total of these lead to peaceful co-existence within and outside.